Essex Energy

Global Partner In Power Transformers

Essex produces a broad range of Flat Wire technology that helps bridge current technology with the future through innovation. Customers can select the product in enameled, wrapped, or insulated flat wire as well as in gauge or metric, to meet international standards.

We operate our facility in Quattordio, Italy allowing for central to most of Europe manufacturing and distribution of continuously transposed conductor (CTC), making Essex a leader in the industry. CTC products are a markedly better alternative to conventional conductor options in the energy sector.

CTC offers reduced electrical losses, improved mechanical strength, and shortening winding time compared to conventional rectangular wire. It also has improved efficiency achieved by reducing enamel thickness and combining builds with other wraps such as Netting CTC, Twin CTC, and Cordex®.

Essex offers a full range of paper wrapped wire in various constructions and insulation materials for transformers and other electrical equipment. We also have innovative new materials allow for greater product windability and endurance with premium insulation materials such Aramide paper, Polyimide, polyester film, and Mica.


Years Experience

Essex Energy has been the leading the energy sector with flat wire technology for over 50 years.


Global Facilities

We are able to manufacture and deliver magnet wire, when and where you need it.

20,000 MT

Production Capacity

We have increased output of CTC at our Italy plant, ensuring market stability.

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