Wind Power Backup Generator Residential Generators Transformer Power Conversion from DC to AC Power Plant Pole Mounted Transformer

Wind Power

To generate electricity, wind turbine blades rotate the magnetic field lines within generator coils, which, in turn, induces a current from the copper windings.

Backup Generator

The magnet wire wound into the generators are conductors; when its electrons are exposed to a changing magnetic field it will move to create an electric current.

Residential Generators

As electricity passes through the magnet wire, it creates a magnetic field. The coils in the generators are conductors and react to exposure with changing magnetic field to create a current in the wire.


Magnet wire allows power to be transferred through a magnetic field within transformers rather than needing a metallic connection between two circuits.

Power Conversion from DC to AC

Power conversion is changing electric energy from one form to another. A power converter is generally an electromechanical device wrapped with copper wire.

Power Plant

Inside commercial generator at power plants are impressive amounts of magnet wire wound and spinning inside of large magnets, at very high speeds, to help create electricity.

Pole Mounted Transformer

Coils inside the housing are wound with magnet wire, usually half-lapped, with varying size. The windings are designed to withstand a full short circuit with full voltage applied.

Essex Magnet Wire is the leading, global provider of magnet wire that is used by most major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and leaders in the energy sector. 


We produce a broad range of Flat Wire technology that helps bridge current technology with the future through innovation. Customers can select the product in enameled, wrapped, or insulated flat wire as well as in gauge or metric, to meet international standards.

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