Essex Energy Excels at CWIEME Berlin, Surpassing Expectations

May 22, 2024

Essex Energy, a leading provider of flat wire technology, had a highly successful week at the CWIEME Berlin exhibition, exceeding all expectations. The company’s presence at the event was marked by fruitful discussions, showcasing technical advancements, and highlighting a commitment to sustainability.

During the event, leaders for Essex Energy regularly engaged in three key discussion topics that garnered significant attention from industry professionals. Firstly, the market trend for power transformers was unanimously acknowledged as consistently strong and still growing. All of its customers confirmed that their order pipelines are fully booked until 2026 for Medium Power Transformers and until 2028 for Large Power Transformers and HVDC applications. In light of this positive outlook, Essex Energy announced plans to increase capacity at their plants in Quattordio, Italy and Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, as well as invest in CTC capacity in 2026 and 2027.

Secondly, Essex Energy presented their technical evolution and new trends in power transformer design. Despite the industry’s historical conservatism, some customers have embraced innovative solutions such as the 60-micron insulation, the TWIN CTC, CTC with very short pitches, and the ability to build CTC with single strip < 1.00 mm. Paola Pachera, Essex Italy‘s Process Engineering Manager, delivered an engaging presentation on these topics, which generated significant interest from customers. As a result, many expressed a desire to have dedicated Technical Meetings at the Quattordio facility.

“We are more and more involved in CTC sizes lower than 5.00mm2,” said Marco Casiraghi, Sales Director. “This of course means an opportunity, because it is a kind of complication that not everybody in the market can do.”

Lastly, sustainability emerged as a prominent topic in the power transformer industry. Essex Energy outlined their plan to become a more sustainable company in the near future, emphasizing the vertical integration of affiliated Superior Essex brands IVA Enamels and Lacroix + Kress as a means to accelerate the process. This commitment to sustainability resonated with customers, who recognized the importance of environmental responsibility throughout the supply chain.

Essex Energy’s presence at CWIEME Berlin also provided an opportunity to connect with customers from various countries. In addition to Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Portugal, the company also engaged with customers from outside of Europe, including Turkey, Egypt, and Lebanon. These interactions further solidified Essex Energy’s global reach and commitment to serving customers worldwide.

“The show has really gone above the expectations,” said Roberto Salvaggio, Sales Director. “We were able to meet with so many of our key account customers and sat down for dedicated meetings. Those opportunities are always very important to everyone.”

The overwhelming success of Essex Energy’s participation at CWIEME Berlin underscores the company’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. With a market trend that continues to thrive, technical advancements that push boundaries, and a growing global presence, Essex Energy is poised for continued success in the power transformer industry.

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